(Schedule subject to change)

Day One

7:30- 8:55REGISTRATIONHallway
9:00- 9:45Keynote Talk:TBARob WormaldFour Square
9:55- 10:20Simplifying Front-End State Management with Observable StoreDan WahlinFour Square
Supercharge your Angular tests with Jest (snapshots included!)Michal SzczepaniakMarco Polo
10:30- 10:40What you don't know about zone.jsJia LiFour Square
Intro to BazelBonnie Brennan & Philip FulcherMarco Polo
10:40- 10:55BreakHallway Track
10:55- 11:20Bridging Parallel Universes: Upgrading Huge Apps with Angular ElementsSam JulienFour Square
Machine Learning in Angular with TensorFlow.jsAaron MaMarco Polo
11:30- 11:55Rendering Angular applications in Terminal. Angular Platforms in depth.Nikita PoltoratskyFour Square
Engage your customers with Animated Ghost ElementsThomas BurlesonMarco Polo
11:55Sponsor IntroductionSponsorFour Square
Sponsor IntroductionSponsorMarco Polo
12:00- 1:00Lunch BreakTBA
1:00- 1:25The Facade of NgRx FacadesMike Ryan & Brandon RobertsFour Square
Strictly TypeScript: Maximizing the CompilerJames HenryMarco Polo
1:35- 1:45MockStore in NgRx 8John CrowsonFour Square
5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Blast Auth!Kim MaidaMarco Polo
1:55- 2:20Angular CLI + Angular CDK - Make your own Component LibraryIsrael GuzmanFour Square
Angular Elements Make The Best React Components.Brad McAlister & Ryan ChenkieMarco Polo
2:20BreakHallway track
2:35- 3:00Schematics: an untapped frontierKevin Schuchard & Brian LoveFour Square
Dark Patterns in UI — What not to do to your usersAlyssa NicollMarco Polo
3:10- 3:35Developing Native Mobile Apps with Angular and NativeScriptMark HalpinFour Square
Angular for Everyone: Builiding Accessible Angular ApplicationsElise HeronMarco Polo
3:45- 3:55ngSwitch but fasterCamille WallFour Square
Introduction to Angular ElementsArjun YelamanchiliMarco Polo
4:05- 4:30Security Thoughts for Angular DevelopersKevin A McGrailFour Square
Angular for the Visual LearnerSamantha BrennanMarco Polo
4:35- 5:00TBAChris DeMarsFour Square
TBAJesse SandersMarco Polo

Day Two

8:00- 8:55REGISTRATIONHallway
9:00- 9:25Component ILL-itiesJustin Schwartzenberger & Mike BrocchiFour Square
Reactive AngularAaron FrostMarco Polo
9:35- 10:00Architecting Angular Apps for ScalabilityDoguhan UlucaFour Square
Make your component tell you stories with StorybookAustin McDanielMarco Polo
10:10- 10:20Diversity in Tech Made EasyElise HeronFour Square
Demystifying Token Authentication in NgRxSam JulienMarco Polo
10:20- 10:30BreakHallway Track
10:30- 10:55Dynamic forms with NgRxJuan StoppaFour Square
Quasi-Human Angular Automated Testing with CucumberLukas RuebbelkeMarco Polo
11:05- 11:30Universally SpeakingCraig SpenceFour Square
A deep dive into RxJS subjectsMichael Hladky & Jan-Niklas WortmannMarco Polo
11:40- 11:50TBAAdo KukicFour Square
TBAJon RistaMarco Polo
11:50Sponsor IntroductionSponsorFour Square
Sponsor IntroductionSponsorMarco Polo
11:55- 12:55Lunch BreakTBA
12:55- 1:20NestJS and Angular, a match made in monorepo full-stack heavenJames SpiveyFour Square
Designing Against Domestic ViolenceEva PenzeymoogMarco Polo
1:30- 1:40How to use StackBlitz as your IDEJoe EamesFour Square
The Crazy Train of Legacy AppsHudson BakerMarco Polo
1:50 2:15Debugging Your Angular Apps 101Kyle BastienFour Square
Enhance! Customizing the Angular CLIMike HartingtonMarco Polo
2:15BreakHallway track
2:25- 2:50More Unit Testing; Less EffortLance FinneyFour Square
Building PWAs with Angular and IonicEly LucasMarco Polo
3:00- 3:25Subjecting State to Good BehaviorKim MaidaFour Square
~920 Bytes - Creating the smallest Angular App in the worldRobert WilemelisMarco Polo
3:25- 3:35Break
3:45- 4:10TBAAaron FrostFour Square
4:10- 5:00Q&A SessionSpeaker PanelFour Square