Come learn NgRx straight from the core team! Brandon Roberts and Mike Ryan will show you a ground-up approach to building scalable applications using the NgRx architecture. This workshop teaches you both how to use NgRx and how to think “reactively” when building applications.

Day 1 walks through the fundamentals of NgRx with in-depth discussion, exercises, and code labs. Learn about writing actions to describe your application flows, reducers to handle state changes, and effects to communicate with your backend APIs.

Day 2 builds on the topics covered in day 1 of the workshop. You continue building knowledge with more advanced NgRx topics including entities, complex selectors, control flow with effects, and testing. 1. Whether you’ve just started learning or you are already building applications with NgRx there will be something for you.


Mike Ryan

Mike is a software engineer at Synapse building user interfaces for industrial Internet of Things applications. He is a Google Developer Expert and a core team member of NgRx, an open source organization building high quality reactive libraries for Angular.

Brandon Roberts

Brandon is an Angular Team member working on documentation and development. He enjoys contributing to open source and helping other developers solve problems. He is also a maintainer of the NgRx project, building reactive libraries for Angular.