Charles Wood

Talk: Forget the Back-End: Serverless + Angular


For the last several years, we’ve moved from a world of fullstack web developers to a world of front-end and back-end developers in addition to the fullstack developer.

No matter the case, there’s still a barrier between the front-end and the back-end when it comes to retrieving data, authenticating, and storing data.

The question is, why bother with a back-end at all? Why not just write functions for the back-end behavior and then manage everything from the same front-end codebase?

Let’s have a discussion about when you need a backend, and when something simpler will do the job.


Charles Max Wood is a co-host of the Adventures in Angular podcast. He works with his team to produce content that leads developers to create freedom and satisfaction in their lives and careers and helps them build skills that will help build the future.