Elise Heron

Talk: Diversity in Tech Made Easy & Angular for Everyone: Building Accessible Angular Applications


Getting diverse candidates into an organization is sometimes treated like a deep secret that you have to have the correct cheat code for. But it’s actually far more simple than that.

In this lightning talk I will give one simple tip to getting more diverse candidates in to your organization, and I will detail how to keep those employees in your organization.

Angular for Everyone: Building Accessible Angular Applications:

When people say that the web is for everyone that means everyone. The applications that we build today should reflect that.

This talk will go over how to build accessible applications, what makes applications accessible, and some strategies for building accessible components as well covering some common pitfalls. It will also cover how to check if your application is accessible or not.

This talk is for all levels of developers, from those just getting started with Angular to those that have more advanced knowledge.


Elise Michelle Heron. Fourth of her name. Developer of apps. Loser of chapsticks. Breaker of production.

Elise Heron is a Software Engineer with Validity. She got her start coding as a Techranger at UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning. There she learned the fundamentals of building accessible applications. In 2016 Elise moved to Colorado to work at Return Path.