Hudson Baker

Talk: The Crazy Train of Legacy Apps


Short Summary: Legacy apps can be difficult, and sometimes demoralizing – It’s time to make
coding fun again. Change your strategy with Angular Elements to revitalize the Front End
Experience! All Aboard!

Long Summary:
I will acknowledge some negative emotions when approaching legacy apps and swiftly
address how to change our perspective to show that upgrading legacy apps can be an exciting
and fun challenge (because legacy apps don’t have to be bad, they CAN be fun to work on!). We
will look at a Back End only application that serves a static html page and explore some
common ideas about legacy applications (briefly, no code explanations, it is just for conceptual
After we achieve a positive outlook and execution strategy for migrating our app, we
will rebuild a small component of the app as an Angular Element (the feature will be a band
name generator and will be available online afterwards for users to play with). We will demo a
functioning angular element inside our legacy app and then reflect on our journey.

The Takeaway:
The audience will learn to overcome fears in migrating and updating legacy apps using
real life strategies and gain an exciting perspective on the challenge of upgrading legacy apps.
These will include a couple different common approaches to migration, and some tips on
determining whether to migrate or rebuild. They will capture the power of Angular Elements
and have the confidence to use them in their own applications as well as the power to
determine whether they should or should not use them.


I am a Full Stack engineer at a satellites and signals specialist company who loves Angular, rock climbing, and learning until my brain hurts.