James Spivey

Talk: NestJS and Angular, a match made in monorepo full-stack heaven.


In this talk we will take a beginners look at how through the use of Nrwl Nx workspaces, you can quickly setup a mono repo for full end to end development. We will explore what NestJS is, its similarities to Angular, how you can share your data models and shared utilities across your entire project, and why NestJS it is rapidly becoming the Angular devs goto Node framework for rapidly spinning up a full stack solution. If you are a user or have background in JHipster, Spring Boot, or .NET, you will not want to miss this.


James Spivey has been working in tech since Adobe Flash was a thing, RIP! He has a desire to learn and make mistakes and teach others. Building cool stuff is his dream, hobby, and job. He has navigated the coding realm for nearly two decades dabbling in Coldfusion, Flash, Flex, .NET, Java, and settling into his current love, Javascript. he has helped numerous Government Agencies and Fortune 50 companies realize their technical dreams and is currently contracting with ThisDot to build cutting edge solutions primarily in Angular along with numerous other platforms.