Lukas Ruebbelke

Talk: Quasi-Human Angular Automated Testing with Cucumber


Let us pretend we are having a profound moment of trust right now and I want to ask you a question.

How many automated tests have been written for the Angular application you are currently working on?

No need to get sheepish on me… EVERYONE needs to write more tests. 

Now let me ask you a “magic wand” question. What if you could write an E2E test as easily as you could verbally explain to someone how the feature is supposed to work? More importantly, what if non-technical stakeholders could create E2E tests by simply telling you what the test should do? 

Automated E2E testing is critical to your development release cycle because software quality is of utmost importance despite the fact that humans do not scale. We should not let a human being do what a robot can do perfectly every single time. 

In this talk, you will learn how to produce incredible value to your organization by creating an army of robots to ensure that your application works as advertised. More importantly, you will see how to streamline this entire process by creating a human approachable layer around the entire thing. Even though we have a legion of robots, we can still talk to them like they are humans.


Lukas is a web application developer with over ten year’s experience building immersive, client-side applications for a wide range of clients including start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Lukas is a frequent conference speaker, Google Developer Expert, author and heavily involved within the Phoenix development community. He is the co-organizer of a local meetup with almost 1000 members and organizes multiple conferences and hackathons in the valley.