Sam Julien

Talk: Demystifying Token Authentication in NgRx


So, you’ve got a shiny new Angular application and you’re thrilled to be managing your state with NgRx. You’ve got your store, reducers, and actions set up, but your boss asks you an innocent question during your first demo: “How do I log in?” You stare blankly, realizing that you’ve never thought about that. Isn’t it the same as in a regular Angular application? How does authentication in NgRx work, anyway? (And not just tutorial authentication — real authentication using tokens!)

I’ve got your back in this talk. You’ll learn not only the HOW of token-based authentication in NgRx, but also the WHY. We’ll talk about managing app-wide authentication state through the store, dispatching actions through effects, and keeping your application safe using authentication best practices.


Sam Julien is an Angular GDE, creator of, and a Content Engineer for Auth0. He’s also the co-organizer of Angular Portland. When he’s not coding or writing, you’ll find Sam camping or hiking like a good Oregonian.