Stanimira Vlaeva

Talk: Building a bundler


Webpack is the most popular module bundler for JavaScript today. If we peek into the frontend world, we will see that webpack is an integral part of the Angular, Vue, and React build systems, optimizing the application performance and boosting the development experience of thousands of developers. But how well do we understand its inner workings?

Let’s demystify webpack together by building a simple module bundler from scratch. Along the way, we will find the answers to important questions like:
– What is the difference between CommonJS and EcmaScript modules?
– Why bundling JavaScript makes both web and mobile applications load faster?
– What are the cases when using a bundler can have negative effect?
– How does tree-shaking work?

Prepare for a lot of fun, live coding, and typos!


Stanimira Vlaeva is a software engineer on the NativeScript team at Progress and a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web Technologies. She’s working on NativeScript Angular, NativeScript schematics, and the integration of webpack within the {N} build system. She’s also co-organizing the Angular meetup in Sofia, Bulgaria.