Thomas Burleson

Talk: Engage your customers with Animated Ghost Elements


OMG, are you still using the blank screens, progress bars or spinners in your Web apps? That is so boring, old-school and Zzzzzz!

While waiting for your data to load or refresh or even loading-code, engage your customers by showing them a preview of the UI that will be visible ‘soon’. Using Animated Ghost Elements (aka Skeletons), customers will not be shocked at screen changes nor think your application locked-up.

Come learn about Ghost Elements/Skeletons. In my session I will show you how to create your own, how to animate them, and and how to use them with RxJS and NgRx.


Thomas is a Solutions Architect for Angular Web & Enterprise products. He provides mentoring, leadership and technical guidance, architecture and technical debt-reduction solutions for enterprise teams. He is passionate about Reactive programming, RxJS, NgRx, and animations.