Aaron Frost

Talk: Lazy AF & Reactive Angular


Lazily loading code with the router is awesome. But what about when I need to lazily load something that is big, but I don’t want to change the URL in order to do it? Lazy AF to the rescue. Let me show you how you can exponentially increase your ability to slice and dice your app to make your deliverable bundles as small as possible.

Reactive Angular:

What does it mean to be Reactive? I mean, we know it doesn’t mean use React, but what does it mean? The single most valuable skill that Angular developers can learn is how to reactively program using Angular and RxJS. And often the most requested topic by the Angular community has to do with Observables. During this part of the show we will take a component that works perfectly the way we normally write Angular, and we will convert it to be reactive. This means that it will be heavily optimized for performance, it will be easier to reason about in our heads, and it will depend heavily on our understanding of Observables.


Frosty is as passionate about coding as he is about tacos. Where some people see a new sunrise, he sees another opportunity to write code and eat good food. As one of the founders of HeroDevs, Frosty also runs a team of elite web developers who solve complex problems every day. In his off hours, he enjoys being a dad to his five best friends. And when he’s really lucky, he heads to the mountains to enjoys some time fishing.