Ely Lucas

Talk: Building PWAs with Angular and Ionic


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the next wave in web development, offering an app like experiences using a traditional web deployment model. PWAs are highly optimized, reliable, and accessible from anywhere there is a browser. They are a perfect fit for mobile apps, and best of all, no app store required. Angular provides the framework and infrastructure to create your app, and Ionic offers the mobile web components that make your app look and feel like they belong on the platform your user is on. Together, they make a great team for building your next PWA.
In this talk, we will look at how to create a simple PWA using Angular and Ionic, and the best practices that you can put into place in creating your next app.


Ely is a web and mobile developer that works for Ionic and loves all things web. He lives in Denver with his wife and four kids. When not coding, he can be found coding something else.