Kevin A. McGrail

Talk: Security Thoughts for Angular Developers


My name is Kevin A. McGrail or KAM. I’m a Google G Suite Expert as well as a security & privacy expert. In 1993, I co-founded a small firm that became an ISP in 1996. Shortly thereafter I began my battle with spammers and joined the Apache SpamAssassin project. In 2012, I became one of the first dozen G Suite Certified Admis and one of the first two Google G Suite Top Contributors! In 2018, I was one of the first 8 given the title of Google G Suite Expert.

I’m a programmer, administrator, and security export and I want more programmers to think about security. This talk will cover general security tricks to help you secure your systems with an eye towards specific security guidelines in your Angular work.


Kevin A. McGrail, aka KAM, Kevin is Director of Business Growth @ His team supports cyberphysical security in both Information Technology and Operational Technology to assess, defend, recover and restore high-value, high-target systems including nuclear energy licensees, US Fortune 100 critical infrastructure companies, government agencies, government programs and smaller organizations.

Kevin loves open source software and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation where he has proudly served as Chair for Apache SpamAssassin, Assistant Treasurer and VP Fundraising. He is a cyber security and privacy expert with his research integrated into numerous commercial platforms protecting >30% of the domains on the internet.

He is also an advisor for & and a Director at

Kevin has spoken all over the US as well as worldwide in Canada, Germany, Brussels, Sweden & China on Open Source Software, the Cloud & Cybersecurity.