Juan Stoppa

Talk: Dynamic forms with NgRx


Forms are hard to handle, difficult to maintain and the use cases are normally very unique making the code written in one form hardly reusable in another one. A solution is rendering forms dynamically at a cost of introducing more complexity and limiting the layout choices. In this talk, I will be showing how complex reactive forms can be simplified by decoupling them into dynamic components and use NgRx to store the metadata bringing a clear separation of concern to the application. I will also show how you can create custom layouts with the most popular CSS grid systems and build interactive and feature-rich user experiences without having to worry about the underlying complexity of the form. I will be demonstrating this approach with a deep dive into a sample app that the audience can take away and resolve real life problems in their day to day work.


Juan is a software engineer at Wealth Dynamix where he builds Angular applications in the financial services space. He has spent the last four years architecting the front end and building the next generation of configurable dashboards for the product. Before Wealth Dynamix, he spent four years at Barclays as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant where he led the implementation of AngularJS in their internal CRM system. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family, playing football and learning other technologies.