Michal Szczepaniak

Talk: Supercharge your Angular tests with Jest (snapshots included!)


Anyone knows that you should be testing your app. But in the reality, it is really hard and cumbersome to keep all your tests up to date and develop using TDD methodology. Choosing the proper tools for the job is the first and essential step to achieve this goal.
Throughout this session we’ll learn how to use the Jest testing framework with Angular. In the demo, we will compare the testing performance using both Jest and Jasmine within an Angular application and see how the watchers work in both of these frameworks. After that, I will share some migration strategies how to convert the existing Jasmine infrastructure to Jest.
Last but not least, we will get to know the coolest feature of Jest – snapshot testing – and use it with Angular!


Michal works as a Senior Front End Developer and Consultant, mostly with Typescript / ES6, Angular and Electron technology stack. Besides coding, he likes to participate in the tech and startup meetups. In his free time he loves playing tennis, kitesurfing and visiting various European cities.
Example of a talk presented by me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKTMfgJ7jaQ