Nikita Poltoratsky

Talk: Rendering Angular applications in Terminal. Angular Platforms in depth.


I very much believe that being aware of how the technologies we use in day to day life are built is vital knowledge for every developer. One of the dark horses for me in Angular was that magical platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppModule) in the root of my Angular application’s sources. So I decided to reveal its mission. And this is a short story of how this talk appeared.
During the session, we are going to dive into the Angular platforms’ implementation and how their existence makes our lives better. Most importantly, we are going to invent our own shiny platform, that with the help of some magic tricks will allow us rendering Angular apps into Terminal, using ASCII graphics.


Nikita is a software engineer at Akveo where he builds Angular applications. He is an open source contributor and tech author from Belarus. Nikita’s passion is developing techniques suitable for large scale front-end applications.